"With extensive independent promo and playing interstate/supporting international bands (Destruction/Warbringer/Forbidden) we have managed to grow the band to the point where we are able to play to a killer enthusiastic crowd as headliners"- Shaun Farrugia, frontman for In Malice's Wake
Australia has produced some great thrash metal bands like Mortal Sin,Hobbs Angel of Death,Slaughter Lord, Renegade etc. To join this league of extra-ordinary thrash talent, a band named " In Malice's wake" rose from Scratch (2002) to Thrash(2014) and is now one of the leading thrash bands in Australia .Their unique characteristics of aggression and old school sound has been a major cause to the "headbanging Australia". Their album "The Thrashening" on Encyclopaedia Metallum was labeled as "an unforgiving slab of world-class thrash metal."  which stands true to the kind of music they produce. Vipress(admin/editor) from Thrashers Unite got an amazing opportunity to interview In Malice's Wake's front man Shaun Farrugia. The interview highlights the bands influences, their history and most of all their new live DVD ,which was released in October this year.
Vipress: Firstly I want to thank you for giving me your valuable time.

Shaun: it really is my pleasure, thanks so much for your support - feels great to be talking about my band with someone so far away in the world.

Vipress: What conceptualized your band name? What made you come up with it?

Shaun: The general theme of In Malice's Wake songs is one of the dark side of humanity - the name represents what is left behind after the evil of man has taken it's toll - being left in the wake of this wave of destruction.

Vipress: How did your journey from scratch to thrash begin?

Shaun: Haha from very humble beginnings - co-founding/brother member Mark (drums) and I formed IMW when we were both learning to play. In the beginning Mark

didn't even have a kit, just learned the movements etc. with a few drum sticks on cushions in the house - ridiculous! Before too long though he had a proper kit and was a natural - we wrote our songs, put line-ups together through member ads on music store walls etc. and began playing our shows. As with all bands, these were many Thursday nights to other bands and their girlfriends/families. We had heaps of great times doing this. With the release of Eternal Nightfall and to a greater extent The Thrashening, we were able to build a solid fanbase, which has grown and grown over the years. With extensive independent promo and playing interstate/supporting international bands (Destruction/Warbringer/Forbidden) we have managed to grow the band to the point where we are able to play to a killer enthusiastic crowd as headliners. We still spend waaay more than we make on this band, but at least now there are people to listen!

Vipress: Who are your greatest influences? People compare you with Chuck Billy, how do you feel about that? Do you agree with it ? How would you describe yourself as the band's frontman ?

Shaun: I think people are both flattering and perceptive - I began as a guitarist and moved to vocals out of necessity initially - but grew to love and embrace being the front man. Learning to sing for me was listening to Testament's - The Gathering and trying to sing along haha. Chuck Billy is my favourite vocalist and an equal inspiration alongside Sodom's Tom Angelripper and Max Cavalera during Sepultura's heyday.As a frontman live I always give everything I have in terms of energy, the audience deserves no less and will pick up on the bands enthusiasm on stage. I make no attempt to hide and enjoy myself, often seen with a big grin on my face - this is where all the work from being in a band comes together, and I'm going to make the most of it every time. I take what we do very seriously, but love to share this with a rowdy crowd - which is the norm in Melbourne haha

Vipress: How has the line-up changes worked for you since "Eternal nightfall"?

Shaun: Actually we parted ways with Luke (& Dave) at the end of 2013 and are now playing with Karl (bass) and Leigh (leads).Luke was an amazing promoter and bass player. Luke took the reigns as the band manager for years and is responsible for much of the growth that the band experiences around the time of the Thrashening, which is significant. A few years on, Luke and Dave both had many other aspects of their life demanding their attention and were no longer able to focus their full attention on IMW. We all discussed and agreed that a split was the best way to go. Both Dave and Luke remain great friends and I loved all the time we had together with those guys.Karl and Leigh have been an amazing addition to IMW. Their enthusiasm, playing ability and personalities have added so much to this band and we are currently writing album #3 together. This new line up is amazingly natural - Karl's stage presence is unmatched. He is a massive unit full of energy (he took his wireless and played up on the bar at a recent show in Brisbane). Leigh an amazing lead player, incredibly expressive and a great song writer also, we are collaborating regularly on new material, and I love what he is bringing to our band. Things feel pretty great at the moment

Vipress: Are we expecting a new full length album soon? Could you give us a sneak peak into the Live DVD that was released in October 2014?

Shaun: Absolutely! It's been far too long as far as we are all concerned. We are just tidying up the menus and features of the Visions Of Live Destruction CD/DVD set  and then our attention returns to the album. We believe all songwriting will be complete by the end of Jan and are currently organising studio time - can't wait. The Live DVD features two new tracks that we are planning to be part of the new album ("A Sign of the Times" and "Hear the Howls").Great timing for your request, we just released a promo of "The Crawling Chaos" - found here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gh68J2fPsFM. And the Trailer is here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?


Vipress: Its a fact that until now you guys have been shelling out all your albums expenses from your pocket , are you in talks with a record label for your upcoming albums?

Shaun: With each release we will promote the release extensively and put it in front of labels (as we are currently doing with the DVD) but we have not had a huge amount of success in this area. We will continue to put our work out there and attract support to assist with spreading our music - but until that happens we will push our releases passionately through our independent channels. We are lucky to have strong sales through the online store (http://www.inmaliceswake.com/store.htm) and at live shows - thank you to everyone who has supported us this way, it really does mean a lot to us. In Malice's Wake - Official Merchandise http://www.inmaliceswake.com

Vipress: Which is the best gig you have played till now, and why?Could you share one memorable experience from your live gigs?

Shaun: My favourite in recent memory is the Legions of Steel show this year (which was captured for our DVD). It was a reasonably small venue, and I'm not sure if it was due to the crowd being aware that it was filmed, or if the Melbourne Bitter was extra cheap that night - but the crowd was INSANE. I was originally concerned about playing the notes perfectly due to it being filmed, but with contact crowd surfing, stage divers, the foldbacks moving all over the place - it was clear this wasn't the right approach, so I let go and just let myself enjoy it. Man it was killer. The crowd had go-Pro cameras strapped to their heads and it was hands down the most fun I've had on stage. http://canadian-pharmacy24-7.com Killer

Vipress: Australia was a hotbed for thrash metal in the 80s. Bands like Mortal Sin and Hobbs Angel of Death got international recognition whereas the lesser known ones like Slaughter Lord and Renegade are now considered cult. What would you have to say about them in terms of their importance in the Australian thrash metal scene?

Shaun: Whilst I was only a little kid at the time and my life revolved around video games rather than Metal - looking retrospectively I believe they put our country on the map and made the wider community realise that Australia was producing not only metal, but metal that could compete on the world stage. Nowadays we have Australians bands making big waves overseas and a constant stream of overseas tours on our shores - surely these bands played a big part of this development. I'm yet to check out the Metal Down Under documentary that has just been released, which talks about the metal history here, but I've heard it's fantastic

Vipress: Any upcoming gigs in the near future? Will there by any out of Australia tours in the near future? How far are we away from a world tour?

Shaun: Oh yeah we have a local show next weekend which we are looking forward to - currently planning a DVD launch. We have the Steel Assassins Aussie metal fest in Sydney in Oct/November, as well as Dimeday in December. We also have a few others in the works including a big xmas show. So there's a bit on amongst finishing the DVD and writing the next album. We very much want to tour and there are some small discussions happening with a fellow band from here nothing of note just yet. It all comes down to finances being self funded, but we are working out how to make it happen!

Vipress: Without__________________________________ In Malice's wake wouldn't be successful.(Fill in the blanks)

Shaun: haha...That's a long sentence! But ... Songwriting passion & vision, A dedicated and hardworking line-up who live and breathe metal, Some DIY skills, A healthy amount of resilience, wonderful supportive friends/families/wives/girfriends and most of all people who care about what we are doing and show it by turning up to shows, supporting us through merch sales and helping us keep this band alive through exposure (like yourself and your readers). Thank you

Vipress: Any advice for start up bands?

Shaun: Definitely spend significant time writing, playing shit gigs and developing your music BEFORE spending a shitload on promotion and merchandise etc. This industry is filled with people who are ready to take your money and promise you the world - Good things take time and hard work. Also Facebook is not everything RE promoting shows. It's a great tool, but only one of many.Lastly don't forget to enjoy what you are doing - no matter how big your shows are or which gigs you are on, you've got to have a love for creating music at a base level. I've forgotten this from time to time, and it's good to remind yourself and reconnect

Vipress: Thanks a lot for your valuable time firstly and for enlightening us , secondly it was pleasure having you, I enjoyed your responses and thirdly you guys are awesome... Keep thrashing...good luck

Shaun:My pleasure, have a great day at work and thanks again! P.S Website looks like a great start! Good luck with it, exciting to see new things going up